Potty Training A Bichon Frise

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Potty Training A Bichon Frise is one of the first things new Bichon owners often ask about. While the Bichon Frise’s a wonderful pet to have, many owners experience problems when it comes to potty training a bichon frise.  These dogs are intelligent and can be very wilful about being housebroken.  Extra attention, care, and patience are needed when toilet training a bichon frise.  They may oftentimes just relieve themselves on the carpet, and you will have to be very diligent with positive reinforcement training.  There are a few especially effective techniques that you can learn to use to start housebreaking your new dog.

When housebreaking a bichon, you will want to establish that you are the pack leader by crate training your dog.  A bichon frise will exert their will to be alpha dog if you do not clearly establish that you are the alpha leader. If you don’t want your dog running the show and going all over the house, then you will need to step up and train them properly.  Dogs that are crate trained often are more comfortable and secure about their place in the family because they need structure.  By nature dogs are pack animals who prefer the security of a den.  The crate takes the place of the den in a modern family, and can be a great technique to use when potty training a bichon frise.

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Crates can make a Bichon Frise dog feel safe and secure.  Because your bichon will want to keep his crate clean, it serves as an excellent tool for toilet training a bichon frise.  Take some time to get familiar with your bichon puppy’s habits, and pay close attention to the times when he is fed so that you can put him on the leash and take him outside to do his business.  Keep your bichon secure in his crate for naps between feeding, exercise, and training sessions.  This way you will get a very good idea of times where your puppy will need to relieve himself.

Create a regular schedule for yourself when toilet training a bichon frise.  First thing in the morning, grab the leash and take your puppy out of the crate to go outside.  When the puppy goes outside, immediately praise him so that he will start to get the idea of going potty outdoors.  A few hours later when your Bichon Frise puppy wakes up from his nap, take him back out to do his business.

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If your Bichon Frise puppy goes again, give him more praise and take him in the house.  Repeat the process in the evening, and before you turn in for bed.  Always praise your puppy when he takes the correct action.  This is positive reinforcement training, and it will help him to learn faster.

Potty training a bichon frise is especially important from a young age.  You want to begin housebreaking with crate training, and a regular schedule.  The more consistent you are in your training methods and scheduling the easier it will be to avoid accidents in the house.  Your bichon looks to you for guidance and love, and it is important that you teach them what is expected from them so that you can have a wonderful trusting relationship for life.

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